Lofts Conversions in West Midlands
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FAQs - FAQ's

Yes we specialists in designing and building loft conversions

We can help you to evaluate your loft and its potential

Most people who look up into their loft see that they have no means of using it as a room, because of all the 'W' shaped roof trusses that form the structure of the roof. We can remove these and construct steel or timber trusses which run the length of the loft and provide all the support necessary.

In order to comply with Building Regulations, the loft has to be a minimum of 2.3m or 7'6" at its highest point (ie the apex of the roof). Those measurements are taken from the top surface of the ceiling boards below, to the felt at the very apex of the roof. With that in mind, we can make the most of even the smallest lofts with the imaginative use of dormer windows and staircase positioning.

For an average sized home, from commencement of work, we would complete within 6 weeks.

Using our own plumbers, we can easily reposition any plumbing to maximize usable space in the loft. Chimney stacks usually have to remain in position, but can occasionally be removed.